Henry Brunton Golf

Unique Training Programs for Golf Instructors and Coaches

Henry Brunton is known throughout the world as one of the game's top coaches. He has designed numerous training programs for golf instructors and coaches in countries around the globe. He is the author of the Canadian PGA's National Player Development Program and runs one of the world's top junior training programs. He is available for seminars and training sessions for golf instructors. Call Henry at 416.579.6170 or e-mail him at henry@henrybrunton.com for more information about bringing these programs to your staff or section.

Henry Brunton Golf's Coaching Philosophy

  • Every golfer is unique.
  • People learn at different rates.
  • Where there are no mistakes there is no learning.
  • Establish a written "success strategy" to identify the goals of each golfer focuses both the coach and the golfer on realizing the stated objectives.
  • People learn most effectively in a fun and "safe" learning environment.
  • The employment of sound fundamentals is crucial for skill development.
  • Correctly fitted equipment is an integral part of skill acquisition.
  • Those who dare to coach must never cease to learn.
  • Students and coaches benefit from open and honest two-way feedback.