Henry Brunton Golf

Private Coaching

The coaches at Henry Brunton Golf are committed to providing serious coaching to players of all ability levels. All private coaching in the winter months is offered at the Metro Golf Dome and The Golf Lab. In the outdoor season, coaching is conducted  at the spectacular Eagles Nest Golf Club in Maple, Ontario.   

Specific coaching program information and contact details for each Henry Brunton Golf Coach can be found by clicking on their name below:

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Henry Brunton Golf's Coaching Philosophy



  • Every golfer is unique.
  • People learn at different rates.
  • Where there are no mistakes there is no learning.
  • Establish a written "success strategy" to identify the goals of each golfer focuses both the coach and the golfer on realizing the stated objectives.
  • People learn most effectively in a fun and "safe" learning environment.
  • The employment of sound fundamentals is crucial for skill development.
  • Correctly fitted equipment is an integral part of skill acquisition.
  • Those who dare to coach must never cease to learn.
  • Students and coaches benefit from open and honest two-way feedback.