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High Performance Golf
The Serious Golfer's Guide to Effective Training

“High Performance Golf is the most comprehensive book ever written for aspiring golfers looking to maximize their on-course performance.”
–Dave Phillips and Greg Rose, Titleist Performance Institute, Co-founders

There are thousands upon thousands of outstanding young golfers who dream of one day becoming star junior players, decorated NCAA collegiate and elite amateur performers and, ultimately, world-class touring professionals. They have clear goals and one final destination in mind—the PGA or LPGA Tour. This is critical to their development because, if you can’t dream it, you won’t achieve it.

Surprisingly, however, few aspiring golfers and the parents and coaches who support their efforts are aware of the principles of Long-Term Athletic Development, including how long it takes to reach the world-class level and how much effort and commitment is required to get there. They’re not certain what they should be doing at different ages and stages of development. Without this knowledge, many athletes, parents and coaches make decisions that are incongruent with what sports scientists recommend. Although well-intentioned, their efforts are relatively unproductive, and lead the athlete to inadvertently experience a plateau in their performance, or even regression from their goal.

High Performance Golf
is all about providing aspiring athletes, parents and coaches with a clear pathway of how world-class professional golfers develop. It draws on what sports science research information supports—how elite golfers effectively cultivate the expertise and confidence necessary to succeed at the game’s highest levels. High Performance Golf will give you the guidance and benchmarks you need to see how you stack up, and whether you’re on track to realizing your full potential. Armed with this information, you can confidently work toward becoming the best golfer you can be.

High Performance Golf
provides advice to sharpen every aspect of your game including:
  • Building expertise: How elite golfers develop
  • How to choose the best coach for your needs
  • A guide to playing college golf
  • Proper goal setting
  • Periodization: Planning for peak performance
  • Effective practice strategies
  • The foundation of improvement: Skills assessments
  • Conditioning, nutrition and hydration
  • Discovering the best equipment options for your game
  • The Rules of Golf and amateur status issues

This book will be eagerly received and will quickly become the leading reference guide for the hundreds of thousands of competitive golfers who are working to reach their fullest potential on the golf course.

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